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Essential tips to get your home’s outdoor space sale ready

Posted by Musbon RealEstate on April 18, 2023

 Essential tips to get your home’s outdoor space sale ready


Whilst it’s essential to make sure the inside of your property looks fantastic, the first thing any potential buyers will see is the exterior of your home.

So, it’s important to spare a thought for your outdoor space when getting your home ready to sell.

those viewing your property will be more likely to take a closer look at the garden.

Since the pandemic, there’s been a shift in priorities for those looking to buy. People are now looking for more outside space, so this is the perfect opportunity for you to showcase what your garden has to offer.

From tidying away any bins, to mowing the lawn, we’ve put together our top tips for ensuring your outside space looks fresh and cared for, as after all, first impressions count.

Tidy the bins.
Whilst bins are a part of everyday life, it’s not always the first thing that a potential buyer is keen to see when they show up for their first viewing.

They’re not particularly attractive, and given they can often smell, it’s best to put these away if possible.

Give your lawn some TLC.
Mowing the lawn can be the difference between a garden appearing neat and tidy or scruffy and uncared for. If you’re lucky enough to have a lawn, we recommend taking the mower to it to make sure its freshly cut before any viewings.

If you have a front lawn, this is the first and last aspect of your property that any potential buyer will see. A tidy lawn will also look great in any photos taken of your home for the online listing and any additional marketing.

also important to take a look at any bushes or hedges you might have to make sure they’re neat and tidy.

Add some colour.
If your garden is in full bloom, it’s guaranteed to impress anyone who comes to look at your property, so planting some shrubs and flowers is a great idea.

You might like to think about planting hydrangeas, dahlias and perhaps some lavender, as these are easy to care for but will create an impact.

However, just like your interior décor choices, garden design is very much down to personal taste, so don’t go overboard.

Make sure that any fences or walls you have are in good condition. If you’re property is suitable for those with children or pets, an enclosed and safe garden will be very appealing.

As well as adding a lick of paint to your fences, you might want to take a look at the exterior walls of your property. Perhaps these might need some attention too!

Washing your pathways, patio or decking will also help to add to the appeal of your garden.

Set the scene.
In the same way that having furniture inside a home helps a potential buyer to get a feel for the size, having some outdoor furniture in your garden is a great way to dress it up. This will make your garden feel inviting and will help people to use their imagination and envision themselves living there.

If you have a BBQ, why not take the cover off of it so people can imagine a warm sunny afternoon spent in the garden.

You’ll also want to make sure that any outdoor furniture is clean, and the same applies for any outdoor children’s toys, such as a swing set or trampoline.

Neighbours’ garden
If your house is situated close to your neighbours’ garden, or perhaps if you have a communal one, the state of the garden will be a key indicator to anyone viewing the property what the neighbours might be like. This can often be enough to put a buyer off if they get a bad impression.

You might also want to find out which fences your neighbours are responsible for and make sure they are aware of their duty to maintain them. Crumbling, rotting fences will not reflect well on your garden

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